Reston Insiders Perspective

Reston Insiders Perspective

What is the greatest thing about living in Reston?

Gardeners show off the newest community garden plot on Reston, at the Cedar Ridge Apartments, Wednesday, July 11.

Gardeners show off the newest community garden plot on Reston, at the Cedar Ridge Apartments, Wednesday, July 11. Photo by Alex McVeigh.


AJ Duston, 19, Student

“I love to eat and hang out at Reston Town Center, especially in the winter when the ice skating rink is open. Reston has a lot of good biking and walking trails, and I take advantage of that when I want to go on a run. The other thing I love about Reston is how close it is to the metro and Washington D.C. They’re currently building a new metro station in Reston, which makes it even better. Overall, the area as a whole is affluent, clean, and there is a good deal of diverse, nice people. I’ve lived here most of my life and I can’t ever say I’ve had something to complain about.”

--AJ Duston, student


Brian Riegel, 28

“The greatest thing about living in Reston is the people. No matter where you go, you’ll always find people to associate with. If you’re near Reston Town Center or Lake Anne, there is always a good crowd to hang with. It’s the people who have given me the great memories I have in Reston.”

--Brian Riegel


Julia Forkhort, 22

“In Reston, I like how there is always something to do and there is always a way to stay busy. I love how we have outdoor shopping malls like Reston Town Center and Fairfax Corner. Although Reston is a huge area, it sometimes feels like a small community because whenever you’re out and about; you always run into someone you know.”

--Julia Forkhort


Juan Palomino, 23, Server

“Reston has always had so much to offer and is only getting bigger and busier every day. One of the greatest things about living in Reston is that you have access to so many activities in one place. Reston is home to many lakes where you can go boating or fishing with friends. The bar scene in Reston is great too. Some of my favorites are Clyde’s of Reston and Lakeside, which has a great ambience and is right on the water. If you’re looking for something to do with your family, there is also Reston Zoo, good for all ages. You always find something fun to do in Reston and I can tell you the people who live here make it all the better.”

--Juan Palomino, server