Appreciation for Bulova

Appreciation for Bulova

To the Editor:

I am writing this open letter to express my deep appreciation of Chairman Sharon Bulova for taking the time to address seriously the concerns about a historic marker by 89-year old resident, WWII Veteran and firefighter Bill Sheads. Only with her help have we been able to get some progress in the request of Mr. Sheads for a hearing by the History Commission to address the accuracy of the CCC historic road marker that resulted from his original oral history essay in 2007.

Chairman Bulova has also facilitated support from the Fairfax County Government Transportation office to research the relevant historic issue.

Chairman Sharon Bulova's accessible governance has been a most important asset of Fairfax County that was hailed by many residents during the meeting on June 27 on the Evolution of Fairfax. It is truly inspiring that with all the demands on Chairman Bulova's time for multimillion-dollar-projects, she takes time to address seriously the concerns about local history by Bill Sheads.

Many thanks again to Chairman Bulova for her sterling humanity and accessibility to all residents of Fairfax County, including senior citizens.

Her leadership underscores what is so outstanding and exceptional about Fairfax County Government.

Corazon Sandoval Foley