Art Gallery of Potomac Relocates within Potomac Village

Art Gallery of Potomac Relocates within Potomac Village

New site improves display.

— The Art Gallery of Potomac has a new home. The gallery has relocated just minutes away from its space in the former “Surrey” building to next to Big Wheel Bikes at the end of the Potomac Village shopping center, behind the Verizon store. The new gallery location is lighter, brighter and spacious — a better area for demonstrating the eclectic art works of Potomac artists.

Terri Cunningham, one of the gallery managers as well as a gallery resident artist discussed the new facility: “We moved in on June 14 — and we are very excited about the space. The three-room gallery flows well for shows and receptions. The 10 artists in our organization are finding that it is a very attractive space to show their work.”

Cunningham explained that the gallery’s artwork is constantly changing. “The quality of work is excellent. Many of our artist organization are prestigious and well-known throughout the U.S. Our gallery is one of the few thriving galleries in the area. We feature portraiture, still-life, landscapes and abstracts — and we introduce a guest artist every month. We have a long list of artists who apply to become our visiting artist.”

The guest artist from July 5 – Aug. 19 is Potomac’s Harvey A. Levine. Levine’s mixed-media art is a combination of collage and acrylic paint, covered with an epoxy resin which highlights the colors and pulls everything together. His paintings are whimsical, original, colorful and bright. “Creating these paintings is my passion,” said Levine. “I paint from imagination, feelings, and exploration — emphasizing the uncommon juxtaposition of people, animals, and objects, while employing the boldest of colors.” Some of his paintings include “Wheels,” “Route 66,” “Contemplation” and “South Beach.”

Resident artist Anne Martinez stated that even though the gallery has already had an opening event, the grand opening will be in September. “I am pleased that the new space lends itself to displaying a lot of art. The ceilings are lower and the lighting we brought from our former space lights up the paintings more effectively.”

A special event will be happening in the gallery in September. A silent auction will be held for an exceptional painting by the artist Carol Dyer of historic Potomac Village. The bidding will continue until Potomac Days in October when the winner will be announced. Other art work by Dyer is displayed at the gallery.

The Art Gallery of Potomac is open from Thursday to Sunday from 1-4 p.m. In the fall, it will be open from Wednesday through Sunday from 1-4 p.m.