Letter: Turn-around Expert Needed


Letter: Turn-around Expert Needed

— To the Editor:

I am supporting Mitt Romney this Fall for president. I believe we need a problem solver in the White House and he has demonstrated that he is.

Mitt Romney developed problem-solving skills early in life. He wanted to be successful. The solution? Earn a degree. He graduated with high honors from BYU, and earned a J.D/M.B.A. from Harvard.

Romney’s career path required him to take his problem-solving skills to new levels. He found failing companies, and turned them around with a nearly 80 percent success rate. Staples is one example.

The 2002 SLC Winter Olympics was in trouble. The planning committee approached a vetted problem solver. Mitt took charge, fixed things, and gave America something to celebrate.

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney had lunch Thursdays with legislators. He created a rapport and changes began. Romney took Massachusetts out of the red and into the black. And he served without accepting compensation.

Let a “turnaround guy” turn the nation around. Put a proven problem solver into the White House.

Tammie Ashley