Letter: Vision for The City

Letter: Vision for The City

To the Editor:

Some have questioned why Andrew Macdonald, the independent candidate running for Mayor of Alexandria, resigned his Vice-Mayor position in 2007. And can we count on him to remain in office if he is elected. The answer is plain and simple. As Mr. Macdonald stated then and continues to say, he voluntarily stepped down because he needed to take care of his elderly mother as well as other family matters. Being his mother’s sole caretaker, Mr. Macdonald felt his family responsibilities would take his attention away from his obligations as a City Councilmember. I believe that stepping down was the responsible thing for Mr. Macdonald to do.

Most people can understand having to take care of an elderly parent as well as having family responsibilities. It will probably happen to many of us at some time in our lives, perhaps even while also having to take care of our own families. I too had to take care of my elderly mother, who lived out of town, when my children were in preschool. It was difficult balancing quality care for my mother and fulfilling my duties as a Mom.

Mr. Macdonald has stated unequivocally that that part of his life is over and he is ready to be Mayor of our City. It was only after his mother died over a year ago that he re-entered civic life. Instead of questioning Mr. Macdonald’s resignation, we should move forward and focus on the issues.

Andrew Macdonald offers a clear and striking alternative to the incumbent Mayor. Macdonald’s focus will be on the citizens of Alexandria, working with them to create a vision for our city. Mr. Macdonald will hold open discussions about development and ensure that citizens' concerns are treated seriously and with respect. As Mayor, he will make sure that development puts us on the right path to sustaining Alexandria’s future.

Ginny Hines Parry