Letter: Appreciating Old Glory

Letter: Appreciating Old Glory

Old Glory

Old Glory

— To the Editor:

Often when there’s new ownership of our community of The Heritage At Old Town of Alexandria, for some reason or another, the American flag seems to be forgotten for a while.

But on this day, the Red White and Blue Old Glory flew on June 13, 2012 — a day before Flag Day — at our community.

I find myself speechless and eyes full of tears after I exit the building where I reside. I look up to the sky and there’s Old Glory — a sight so beautiful that I made a u-turn back into the building and just stood at the desk speechless and pointing to the front door as the leasing person of our building asked if everything was OK. I just smiled and said, “The flag, the American Flag ... Thanks! Thanks to the management and maintenance staff of our community."

As I went back outside I stood there and thought about our land, our country, our nation and all who come to America, a land of freedom and a land of many languages.

Seeing Old Glory high in the sky within our community

of The Heritage At Old Town ... Awesome!

Geri Baldwin