Dollars and Sense at Labor Center

Dollars and Sense at Labor Center

Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) board members Terry Angelotti and Ed Duggan recently presented a report on the financial status of the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC). They project the CIF to receive $175,000 this year from a variety of sources to keep the center running.

“We expect $60,000 from foundations,” said Angelotti. “We already got $20,000 from the Meyer Foundation and a $15,000 Herb Block Foundation grant. So we still need $25,000, and we’ve identified at least three foundations to apply to for the rest.”

From corporations, the CIF is projecting to receive some $39,000. “We’ve already received $19,000 from A.J. Dwoskin [who owns the center’s site] to cover utility and legal fees,” said Angelotti. “So we need $20,000 more.”

The CIF anticipates $30,000 in donations from the religious community. Said Angelotti: “So far, we just have $2,000 because we’ve been focusing on other things.”

Contributions from individuals are budgeted at $40,000. To date, $16,000 has been received or pledged. Also projected is a $6,000 yield from special events. In April, the labor-center workers held an international dance and music festival which brought in $4,000, so just $2,000 more is needed in this category.

“Each donation is important, whether it’s $10,000 or $5,” said Angelotti. “We thank everyone for their support.” As for the government, she added, “We budgeted zero from it, we expect zero and we need zero.”

Duggan said the labor center’s annual budget is $231,000, including Dwoskin’s in-kind donations of rent and utilities. “We spend $13,000/month to operate the center, but we’d like to be able to do it without his help,” said Duggan. “It would make our cost about $20,000/month.”

He said the CIF had $91,000 before the center opened; and now, with the latest grants it’s received, it has $99,000. So, said Duggan, “As we apply for more grants, we’re really good at showing our operating costs and where our money goes.”

Meanwhile, lots more donations are needed to keep the center afloat; and since the CIF is a nonprofit organization, all contributions are tax-deductible. To donate;

  • Go to, click on “donate” and designate Centreville Immigration Forum; or

  • Write a check payable to Virginia Organizing and mail it to CIF, Box 81, Centreville, VA 20122.