Oakcrest Announces Recipients of 2012 Veritas Award

Oakcrest Announces Recipients of 2012 Veritas Award

Oakcrest School in McLean has announced Juliana Dauchess of Reston and Ruth Talbott of Alexandria as the recipients of the 2012-2013, Class of 2016 Veritas Award. Dauchess, a current eighth grader at Oakcrest, and Talbott, an eighth grader at St. Rita’s, were chosen from a competitive applicant pool of 28 eighth-grade students.

"Veritas Award applicants must demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership and character through a rigorous application process," said Ellen Cavanagh, Head of School. "These are the best qualities of successful Oakcrest students." In addition to completing applications for admission to Oakcrest School and consideration for the Veritas Award, an original student project, a letter of recommendation from a non-family member, and a parent statement must be submitted. The award is a $7,500 tuition remission scholarship to Oakcrest School, which is renewed annually through graduation, as long as the recipient continues to meet award expectations. Veritas recipients also organize a school-wide service project during their junior year.

Oakcrest alumnae are involved in the Veritas application process as candidate interviewers and speakers during the Veritas Reception. This year’s keynote speaker, Julie Mitchell, Esq., class of 1990, spoke to the candidates and their parents about the growth of Oakcrest since her time as a student, and the enduring mission of the school to educate women of faith and integrity. "At Oakcrest, we were always reminded to look at what we called the ‘BP’ – the Big Picture," Mitchell said. Seeking the truth and holding fast your principles were life lessons that Oakcrest taught her and her classmates, Mitchell emphasized.

Oakcrest School is an independent school for girls in grades 6-12, guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Oakcrest is located at 850 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA 22101.