Letter: Learning from Mistakes

Letter: Learning from Mistakes

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In response to Ms. Elaine Montgomery’s letter (Letters to the Editor, The Reston Connection, April 25-May 1, 2012), I make two points. One, reproductive rights are given to us by our Creator – a point of view not necessarily ascribed to by those with the existential mindset that sex is paramount and reproduction of the human species secondary. It is disingenuous on the part of Ms. Fluke to include recreational sex as a part of reproduction rights. I believe we are learning that reproduction is critical to maintaining a viable democracy – something our offspring may face by 2050. There is usually a downside to advances in science. It is also disingenuous on the part of Ms. Montgomery to infer that those opposed to the birth control pill advocate the denial of drugs prescribed by competent authority to alleviate human suffering.

Secondly, it must be pointed out that President John F. Kennedy inherited his wealth, Presidential-candidate John Kerry married his wealth and gave nothing to charity. Presidential- hopeful Mitt Romney earned his wealth and, in accordance with his religious beliefs tithes his income. He further donated the entire legacy his father willed to him to charity. I do not believe we will see Mitt and Ann Romney spending millions of tax-payer dollars for a "date" in New York City.

I agree with Ms. Montgomery, it is sad that our discourse cannot question the policies that have resulted in the Entitlement Generation - a product of the failed War on Poverty. Why cannot we learn from our mistakes?

Jack Kenny

Past President, Republican Club of Greater Reston