Letter: A Ticket To Nowhere

Letter: A Ticket To Nowhere

To the Editor:

Alexandria Democrats should think twice before providing support to City Council Candidates Lovain and Wilson for numerous reasons, the top four being:

  1. Lovain and Wilson strongly supported and voted for the BRAC. Thousands of people now suffer longer commutes because these so-called transportation experts, Lovain, a professional transportation lobbyist, and Wilson, a transportation bureaucrat, failed to see the obvious negative implications of this huge project.

  2. Lovain and Wilson support imposing street cars on Alexandria — This retreat to a transportation modal rejected decades ago, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, which will likely increases taxes for small businesses owners to create a disruptive, unattractive transportation channel that Alexandrians, don’t want or need.

  3. Lovain and Wilson repeated raised your taxes at every opportunity when they were in office. They will raise your taxes again and again if they are elected.

  4. Lovain and Wilson successfully attacked Alexandria’s Democratic Process. They cried sour grapes when they were voted out of office and played games with our election dates despite widespread, bi-partisan opposition. Less than two weeks after they lost the election, Lovain and Wilson voted to change our election dates from May to November in hopes of having a better chance to win. Voters of all parties should be wary of lame duck professional politicians who fear democracy and change the rules after being rejected.

Fortunately, there are plenty of new candidates in this election cycle. President Obama has called for Change; Alexandria Democrats now have an opportunity to provide it. The time for change in our City Council is long overdue. Don’t let us down.

Bud Miller


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