Letter: Mistaken Presumption?

Letter: Mistaken Presumption?

To the Editor:

As someone who has raised millions of charitable dollars, whose nonprofit management text The New York Times described as “one of the better,” I thank Rod Kuckro for his contribution to the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club. He guessed wrong and payment is due.

In Rod’s May 17 Letter to the Editor he offered to donate a sum for each Securing Alexandria’s Future Council endorsement he mistakenly presumed. Securing Alexandria’s Future, like his Democrats for a Better Alexandria and Alexandrians for a Livable City, are political action committees [PACs]. All seek to influence the outcome of the June 12 Democratic primary.

Council candidate Donna Fossum’s name was not listed in Packet writer Michael Lee Pope’s same day story, “A Divided Slate.” Politically, $100 is a reportable gift is it not? Rod gambled and hopefully a check was mailed.

Perhaps his error has earned Ms. Fossum a second look.

Sarah Becker

Past President, West Old Town Citizens Association