Letter: Working with Citizens

Letter: Working with Citizens

To the Editor:

I appreciate the effort the Gazette has made to differentiate the four different slates that political action committees including Alexandrians for a Livable City support. You are doing the work that a local newspaper should do, educating the voters so that they may make informed decisions. I would appreciate your in-a-box list of how the candidates including incumbents stand on the disgraceful Beauregard Corridor Plan even more if you had put every incumbent in his correct box.

Paul Smedberg voted for, supported the Beauregard Corridor Plan, and affirmed his support even before an audience of opponents. I give him credit for being strong in his views. I saw equal strength and determination in his constant support of the waterfront plan. His strong and steadfast belief in positions we just as strongly oppose, is why Alexandrians for a Livable City does not endorse his re-election. Nor do we endorse any others who support the Beauregard Corridor Plan, including former council members Tim Lovain and Justin Wilson.

Being knowledgeable and well versed in city government while holding views about the city we strongly oppose, was in our view a reason to withhold endorsements. Why would we want council members who can do the wrong things well? Rather we support five candidates whom we believe will work with citizens to a much greater degree than any recent members of City Council to help us embark on a new and better path for the future of our city. They are Victoria Menjivar, Sammie Moshenberg, Arthur Peabody, Allison Silberberg, and Boyd Walker.

Katy Cannady