Letter: Reaffirming American Dream

Letter: Reaffirming American Dream

To the Editor:

I recently attended a Patrick Murray event in the Mount Vernon area. Murray is back a second time, running to represent the 8th congressional district in Virginia. With his new campaign comes more emphasis on responsible government spending and job creation.

Murray’s main economic message is that jobs are created through the private sector, not through government involvement or spending. Murray spoke about his message at the function, and as an 18 year old going into college, I felt as though he was speaking directly to my generation.

The main concern that I have after college is making sure that I have a secure place in the job market. Every student deserves to have opportunities after all of their hard work, and Murray expounds this idea of providing for the next generation. His message is born of the idea that politics is not just about “the now,” but also about “the tomorrow.” America thrives because of the dream upon which it is built — the dream that each generation will be more prosperous than the next. Under the current administration, this dream is being threatened.

We need a congressman who believes in the American dream, and believes that this dream should never be compromised. As the son of an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, I grew up listening to stories of working hard in America so to achieve this dream. My mom came because she believed in the American dream, a dream that I would never want to see diminished as a result of irresponsibility in the government.

I believe that Murray is not just running for the sake of running. He is running to defend the next generation. He stated that if there was already a competent congressman representing the 8th district, there would be no need for him to run. Murray will never be your typical career politician; he is not a self-serving citizen who is running on merely a slogan. He is running on a goal to better the future.

Murray’s message and his determination to promote and fight for job creation gives me confidence that if more politicians like him would serve in Congress, the American dream will never die.

Matthew Mirliani