Letter: Can It Get Worse?

Letter: Can It Get Worse?

To the Editor:

The brutal, horrific murders of our ambassador and three other brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya, continue to be a non-issue with most of the Main Stream Media. Never has a presidential response been more incoherent, misleading and confused. It took days before the administration called it what it was — a terrorist attack — which was apparent to most of the world from the beginning. Our Leader, however, has not been able to utter the truth even yet. Where is the press?

Can you imagine how the families of the victims felt as they watched our Commander-in Chief jet off to Las Vegas for a campaign event within hours of the attack? And while he was in Las Vegas campaigning, he used the American deaths as fodder for his campaign when he said to his campaign workers: “Like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing.” Where was the press?

All Americans should be ashamed of the current White House occupant and his administration and furious with the enabling press ... where are “Woodward and Bernstein” when you need them?

It just can’t get any worse than this ... or can it?

Paul and Orene Blum