Letter: Long Service To Community


Letter: Long Service To Community

To the Editor:

In his opening remarks in the second mayoral debate Andrew MacDonald stated that life in Alexandria had worsened under Mayor Euille's leadership, but it would only be fair to examine his own record.

Mr. MacDonald has a history of indecisive, political allegiance and perseverance. In the 2000 election he ran for Council as an independent and lost. In 2003 he joined the Democratic Committee, ran as a Democrat and won. He served his full term. In 2006 he again ran as a Democrat but in an attempt to become vice mayor allowed the Republicans to include his name in Republican ads. He prevailed — winning the most votes to become vice mayor. In early May of 2007, he abruptly resigned his seat for "personal reasons" having served slightly less than one-third of his three-year term.

MacDonald resigned from the Democratic Committee to run as an Independent for Mayor. He went before the Republican Committee to ask for their support. His consistent mantra at debates, speeches, etc. is a two-trick pony: lack of planning and no control of development. He complains about people not listening to his message, portraying himself as the expert on several issues, even to the point of telling us that we should accept his assessment of the city's financial condition rather than Moody's triple bond rating of the city.

Mayor Euille has made more attempts to make us one city than any mayor I can remember in my 38-years living and teaching in the city. When Mr. MacDonald decided to include education matters in his lack of planning mantra, accusing the mayor of not planning ahead in the need for more school buildings he entered a debate he should fear to tread. In my 30-year teaching career in the city schools I was never aware of Mr. MacDonald's concern for public education. He lived not far from me in Old Town and went to private schools. Through the years I've attended many, many hearings in support of public education and fair salaries for teachers. I don't remember his presence at any of these hearings except for his short time on council.

Before serving as the Mayor, Bill Euille served for 10 years on the School Board. He attended segregated elementary schools and later the new desegregated T. C. Williams High School where he excelled in academics, played in the band and made many close friends in the desegregated, combined student population. He has walked the walk not just talked the talk. His experience on the School Board makes him very qualified to know who's responsible for operating the school system. He has always supported public schools, teachers and necessary funding. The Mayor has used his knowledge, his personal wealth and his long service to the community to help many young people get an education.

I stand with Mayor Euille. He has my respect, my support and my vote.

Hazel Rigby