Letter: Vision of The City

Letter: Vision of The City

To the Editor:

Over the past two years, a large number of Alexandria’s residents have become actively involved in the city’s development. Today, the Vision of the City in the 2010 City Council Strategic Plan is demonstrated to be without integrity; and the city short on the ability to plan or implement without major error (BRAC) or deliberate ignorance (Waterfront). What are the main elements of the council’s Vision of the City: Diverse – Historic – Beautiful and Unique Neighborhoods - Urban Villages - Great Community. It is a challenge to the imagination to believe that this vision remains a top priority for City Hall.

This election for City Council gives Alexandria city residents the most timely and best opportunity to tip the scale, reestablish balance in city government, and make sure that this Vision of the City becomes a reality. That is why all of us, regardless of party from across the City of Alexandria, are signing below to show our strong support for Bob Wood for City Council.

Bob Wood brings the most credible, relevant, and reliable understanding and experience in managing complex projects and diverse groups than any other candidate for City Council. Starting with his belief that what he owes his constituents is first and foremost: respect for all citizens - excellent performance – service - economy in public spending - and trust, as the best measure of how the city treats its people.

Mr. Wood’s credentials are outstanding when weighed against any other city council candidate’s resume. His active participation on the Mayor’s Waterfront Workgroup, a response to citizens’ rejection of the initial plan, demonstrated his clear respect for the group’s purpose, as well as realistic expectations of city staff; he co-authored the final report. Beginning as a student at T.C. Williams High School and continuing throughout a career that included West Point, University of Chicago Business School, a Virginia state commission to keep jobs here, and leading a program to educate tomorrow’s leaders, Bob Wood’s performance has been continually recognized and rewarded. Bob Wood served our Army for 36 years in major hotspots around the world yet still found time to contribute to the communities he lived in, e.g. as school board member and economics professor. Bob combines the economic understanding of business school with the practical management of large scale, complex organizations, and now his own small business. Finally, one of Bob Wood’s most outstanding characteristics is the level of trust he inspires in all who work with him.

In walking the streets of Alexandria as a first time candidate, Bob Wood has generated more goodwill and volunteered expressions of hope for change at City Hall than might be imagined. When set against his competitors for City Council in four debates he has been the only candidate time and again applauded for his informed, intelligent and clear remarks. This stands in direct contrast to how most other candidates have performed. Because when you look carefully at their track record or their resume, they fall far short of Bob Wood — and what Alexandria must have today to achieve the 2010 Vision of the City: diversity, beauty, uniqueness, and great community.

Having Bob Wood on City Council will bring us unmatched experience, leadership, and ability to bring us together again. Alexandria and its children deserve that Vision of the City — and this means turning the ballot over on election day, filling in the box next to “John R. ‘Bob’ Wood” and putting him on City Council. It won’t take long to look at what some others have to offer, we did … and we’ve decided to vote for Bob Wood for City Council.

Guy Bourn, North Old Town; Cristine Sanchez Canete, Arlandria; Dave Cavanaugh, West End Alexandria; Miriam Ellsworth, North Old Town; Gerald Fauth, Federal Hill; Donald and Gail Ledwig, Central Alexandria; Robert Pringle, Old Town; Kurt and Courtney Schlieter, Rosemont; William Stuebner, Old Town