Letter: Bi-Partisan Leadership

Letter: Bi-Partisan Leadership

To the Editor:

I want to encourage my fellow Alexandrians to vote for Frank Fannon for Alexandria City Council on Nov. 6. Frank has set an example of bi-partisan leadership in the Alexandria City Council and has been the fresh, new voice needed for so long.

As a new mother, I strongly feel we need forward-looking leaders who understand our priorities as a city and can find common ground solutions to complex problems, especially in regards to our school system. Investing wisely in our education system in particular is a top priority for Frank. He has made it clear that he understands how to preserve and continue to build a solid school system that we can not only be proud of, but confident that we are providing the best education possible to our children.

During the City Council debates this fall, Frank has had an impressive command of the facts and succinctly communicated the solutions to many of the areas problems. He was head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates in his knowledge-base, combined with his record of leadership on key issues.

Frank is a lifelong Alexandrian and successful businessman who has proven during his first term that he recognizes the needs of our city and will work tirelessly with his colleagues to continue to improve it. He has served us well since being elected in 2009.

A win for Frank Fannon’s candidacy is a win for the entire city of Alexandria.

Lindsey Paulsen