Letter: Proven Advocate

Letter: Proven Advocate

To the Editor:

In less than a week, we head to the polls to elect our country’s president, as well as local leaders who represent our community’s interests in Congress, Alexandria City Council and the School Board of Alexandria City Public Schools.

I’m proud to support Ronnie Campbell who is seeking a third term on the Alexandria City School Board. It was an honor to serve alongside Ronnie on the Alexandria City School Board in 2006-09. We worked closely together in many areas, especially in our mutual interest to close achievement gaps. With the support of teachers, the community, including Tenants and Workers United, Superintendent Sherman and fellow School Board members, we helped introduce Individual Achievement Plans (IAPs) which encourage students to take the lead in their own academic success. Today, IAPs are helping all students, especially social-economic challenged students as well as English Language Learners, get the help they need to succeed and prosper in our school system.

Ronnie has proven she’s fiscally responsible. A great example is her tough position on T.C. Williams’ new satellite campus recently opened at Landmark Mall. Before proceeding to open and fund other satellite sites, Ronnie forcefully and effectively argued to ensure the first center has adequate resources and staffing and most importantly, produces the intended results.

Ronnie is a strong supporter for teachers and staff throughout ACPS. For the third election in a row, she received the endorsement of the Alexandria Education Association.

Ronnie has worked tirelessly to improve conditions and services for students with special needs. Her strong advocacy for those who might not otherwise have a voice makes her a needed choice for our children.

Let’s re-elect Ronnie Campbell to the Alexandria City School Board.

Eileen Cassidy Rivera

Eileen Cassidy Rivera served on the Alexandria City School Board from 2006-09.