Letter: Senior Center Looks for Volunteers

Letter: Senior Center Looks for Volunteers

To the Editor:

There’s an abundance of worthwhile initiatives in Great Falls but a shortage of volunteers to sustain them. The Great Falls Senior Center (GFSC) is the new kid on the block, with a small band of committed volunteers who develop and stage monthly programs and luncheons for area seniors. You may have read about some of them here in The Connection. The events have been so well received that the number of attendees is limited only by the space available.

But like other organizations, we’re now experiencing a “crunch.” GFSC needs more volunteers to continue its current success and to sustain itself for the years to come. To that end, we’re initiating a succession plan that provides a chair and vice chair for each of our committees—to ensure backup and continuity in those leadership roles.

Perhaps you’ve considered being a volunteer in a group that deserves your support and attention. You may like the idea of an ongoing role or one that requires your support once every few months. With more volunteers, we can satisfy both of those conditions. You may only be interested in helping us serve lunch to our guests. Or you may have writing skills or computer skills or organizational skills. We can use them all.

Some of our regular volunteers started out as guests at an event. That speaks well for GFSC’s people. And it speaks well for the satisfaction that comes from being part of something that is important and is having a direct, positive effect within our own community. You can see the effect on our guests’ faces, in their voices and from the stories they relay.

If you have special skills or interests, we would be happy to welcome you as a volunteer member or leader for one of our committees: Communications/Public Relations, Locations/Facilities, Programs, Volunteers, Food, Hospitality, Transportation, Membership, Sponsorships/Fundraising or Nominations.

If you’ve never volunteered before, we’ll show you the ropes. It isn’t hard. In fact, all you need is a giving heart, open mind and motivation to serve this important part of our community—our seniors. And you don’t have to be a senior to be a volunteer. We welcome all ages.

To join us, e-mail Joyce Trickett [joygoodshepherd@verizon.net] or call 703-887-5772.

Bob Lundegard, President

Great Falls Senior Center