Taylor Run


Lots and lots of people went to Putnam Place on Saturday to celebrate the 56th birthday of Chuck Linderman. Children Corinne and Will had organized the party, Corinne all the way from Salt Lake City where she works as an engineer for GE. "I just thought it would be a good idea to give him a party," she said. Will, wife Leda and daughter Lexie came up from Ashburn to co-host the party; brother Walter Linderman with wife Kathy came from Portland, Oregon. Neighbors from Putnam Place came: Betty Wanamaker, Lil Lubsen, Oresto Guiseppe, Paul and Peggy Prevost, Betty Maag, Marsha and Clark Ansel, Betsy McBride, Patricia, Geoff and Maggie Davis, and Anita Bibb.

Chuck was proudly displaying the garden in which the pansies, the brussels sprouts and the spinach had wintered over. Other guests were Mary Wadleigh, Ruth Roberts, Paul, Stacey and Daniel Steinmers, Evan and Anne Taush, Joan and David Greer, Paulette Korns, Sandy and Larry Wiener, Carolyn Miller and Henry Brooks, Raksha Krisha, Debbie Wells, Don and Wanda Street, Phil Brinkman, Matt Sonnessyn, Judy and Rick Tempchin, Don Caldwell, Nancy Hanson, Bud Krogh, Michelle and Michael Cook, Betty Livingston, Rodger Digilio, Tracy Hollingsworth, Harry Jones, and Alison Hanna. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, especially the raspberry and chocolate cake from Alexandria Pastry Shop.

— Lois Kelso Hunt