Letter to the Editor: Focus on Needs Not Wants

Letter to the Editor: Focus on Needs Not Wants

To the Editor:

Taxpayer funds should not subsidize any private company, no matter how much City Hall and special interest groups want its services. To do so requires all taxpayers to assume a business risk without benefitting as shareholders from the company’s profits. The number and demographics of its customers should concern only the private company because it wishes to maximize its customer base. Thus it should be an easy call to eliminate taxpayer funding for BikeShare and any other companies that want similar favorable treatment. I also hope that company is being charged market rate rental fees for the real estate it is occupying because only that rate is fair to all taxpayers and other city businesses.

If the city chooses to subsidize one company, why shouldn’t all the others receive the same favor?

I was glad to learn that BikeShare is doing well in Alexandria after a year of receiving taxpayer funding. It should be ready to stand on its own.

The city is in financial straits because for too long our officials have said “yes” to too many coming to City Hall with requests for funds. We need to focus on prioritizing our “needs” and distinguish between “needs“ and “wants”.

Ellen Latane Tabb