Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner

The Wave

I see it coming.

I see the leading, massive wave marking the peak of high tide

It rumbles towards me like a bull to a matador

Building up force the closer and closer it gets until

The icy, stinging slap of the wave slams over my body

Lifting me up and off my feet

Tumbling into the deep blue watery depths of the ocean.

The salt water explodes through my nose

As foggy bits of shells mixed with sand fly past my eyes in the undercurrent

My arms are ripped, scratched and burned from the ocean floor

And my lungs scream for air

As I tumble head over heels towards the shore.

My hair, gritty with sand, whips into my vulnerable eyes

And I strain them through the tornado of sand

Trying to figure out which way it is to the surface

But it all looks the same.

Slowly, slowly, my tumbling slackens to rolling

And I thrust my feet down into the sharp, shell littered bottom

Fighting against the massive wave

Fighting to break free of its strong hold.

A spray of sea foam lifts from the water and crashes above my head.