Ginny Hines and Will Parry entertained a large number of fellow Democratic voters at a party. Brian Moran told us that there is good news and bad about the upcoming election. There will probably be an extremely low turnout, so we must all work hard to get the voters out. We must concentrate on discussing the economy and education. Our candidate, Terry McAuliffe, has always been a hard worker. He started his own business at the age of 14. Terry understands what the terrible traffic congestion does to all of us in this neighborhood and he has pledged to work on improving public transportation. The Republican candidate, on the other hand, has shown no support for transportation solutions and in fact voted against the Silver Line which will connect the Metro to Dulles.

Dak Hardwick, chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee, Diana Bedoya, a vice-chairman, Del. Charneile Herring, Councilwoman Del Pepper, Dick Hobson, Kelly MacConomy, David Kamerick, Martha Harris, Larry Benenson, and P. J. Palmer Johnson were in attendance. Bill Dickinson was at the party, wondering why council could possibly consider giving a lease on land which will profit only the company that wants to build a sports complex in the Eisenhower valley.

“When the city cleaned up the flood there, we thought that all the children in Alexandria would benefit. Now we find that they will have to pay money to get in if the complex is approved,” said Bill.

Also present were Paul Vogel, Anne and Samuel Ulm, and Scott Kaplan, who was the speaker.