Helping Hungry Kids at Floris United Methodist Church

On Sunday, Aug. 25, members and friends of Floris United Methodist Church of Herndon packaged 1,200 weekend meals for students at Hutchison Elementary School. The two-hour event for the Help Hungry Kids program was for all ages, and more than 100 volunteers participated in assembling the bags. In addition to this annual event, Help Hungry Kids is sustained by individual volunteers and families that assemble and deliver packages to the church on the first Sunday of each month. Last year, approximately 80 children received these bags weekly throughout the school year. Floris UMC provided over 5,000 bags to Hutchison as well as other schools and organizations. Help Hungry Kids was developed to provide weekend supplemental food to children in need. The weekend meal bags contain 10 child-friendly items, such as single serving entrees, snack bars, fruit cups and juice.