John Foust Announces Campaign to Represent Residents of 10th Congressional District

John Foust Announces Campaign to Represent Residents of 10th Congressional District

Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville) announced the start of his campaign to represent the residents of Virginia’s tenth congressional district issuing the following press release:

"Like so many Virginians, my life has been shaped by opportunities that were forged through hard work, but the reckless and irresponsible politics of Washington are holding Americans back from achieving our country’s promise of this opportunity," said Foust. "When Congressman Frank Wolf shut down our nation’s government, it became clear just how out of touch Congressman Wolf’s dysfunctional agenda is with the values of Virginia families who want Congress to stop standing in the way of solutions at every turn. Whether it was balancing six budgets while still delivering quality services to residents or expanding full day kindergarten county-wide, in Fairfax I brought Republicans and Democrats together, worked hard, and got results – and it’s exactly this problem solving leadership that I’ll bring to Congress."

Growing up, Foust started working on a Christmas Tree Farm when he was 12-years old, meeting the owner before sunrise and working to cut, drag and load trees for 8-hours a day. Foust, the first member of his family to attend college, put himself through school by working each summer as a laborer in the steel mills and on the railroad tracks. After college, he went on to earn his MBA and law degree while working full time during the day and attending classes at night.

Since his election to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors in 2007 when he defeated the Republican incumbent, Foust has brought his commitment to hard work and problem solving leadership to serving the families and businesses of Northern Virginia. While Congress recklessly spent tax dollars in Washington, Foust made government do more with less: working with Republicans and Democrats to pass six balanced budgets and close a $650 million projected deficit by cutting wasteful spending, while still delivering quality, cost effective services to residents.

And while the dysfunction and reckless brinksmanship of Congress is standing in the way of solutions to even the most pressing problems, in Fairfax Foust rolled up his sleeves and got to work – as chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee, vice chairman of the Budget Committee and chairman of the County’s Economic Advisory Commission. He worked to expand full day kindergarten to the entire county and fund widening of Route 7 to ease congestion for commuters, amongst numerous other accomplishments. John’s hard work improved the quality of life for Virginia families, while creating the right environment for businesses to create jobs and grow our economy.

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