Letter to the Editor: A Reputation For Safety

Letter to the Editor: A Reputation For Safety

To the Editor:

In Michael Pope's recent article, “Bike to the Future,” there was a comment about "younger and less confident bicyclists, who wanted to avoid getting run over by a DASH bus."

Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) management and bus operators understand the challenges involving buses and bikes sharing the road, and their training is thorough to address these issues. DASH takes the safety of its passengers, as well as, cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles very seriously, as all transportation modes need to share the Alexandria streets. DASH has had an outstanding safety record over its history. It has received safety awards and recognitions statewide and nationally by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and has been honored as a recipient of the Governor's Safety Award. DASH bus operators go through rigorous training and attend monthly safety meetings, where issues involving pedestrian and bike safety are highlighted. DASH also conducts safety awareness programs focused on defensive driving and stresses pedestrian and bike safety, as well.

Buses are 30,000-pound vehicles that operate on narrow and often times, congested streets. DASH operators are trained to drive defensively, to have patience, and to share the road. Over the past 29 years, DASH has built a strong reputation for providing safe and courteous service to our community.

Sandy Modell

CEO/General Manager

Alexandria Transit (DASH)