Rosemont Celebrates 4th of July

Rosemont Celebrates 4th of July

— More than 50 years ago, Rosemont resident Owen Malone together with then president of the Rosemont Citizens Association and now retired Judge Daniel O’Flaherty began the tradition of a celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a festival for the entire neighborhood with a pet show followed by a bike parade, a baby beauty judging contest, lunch from the grill, sack races, three-legged races, the egg spoon races and more.

On Thursday afternoon, more than 100 families joined in the fun and festivities to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Winners in the races included Alex Heckel in the sack race, children Alex and Matthew Heckel and adults Leah Valtin-Erwin and Elena Bischak in the three-legged race, Briget Baron came in first with the egg spoon race and Campbell Pilskner and Michael Powell won the water balloon toss. The Frisbee toss was a tie.

Harry Springer judged the animals in the pet parade and awards were: Pork Chop - Best name, Dexter Bobbie - Best Accessories, Josie - Most Experienced, Bolt - Most Energetic, Fannie - America's Sweetheart, Rudy - Best Dressed, Brooklyn - Most Patriotic, Topsail - Best Tail wag, Sammie - Best Trick and Lola - Lady Godiva.