Falling in Love With Asia

Falling in Love With Asia

Spencer reads “Owl Babies” to Asia.

Spencer reads “Owl Babies” to Asia. Contributed

A few months ago I was invited to attend a meeting of the Bull Terrier Rescue of Virginia, where I shared my latest book, “Dogs of War” (which included General Patton's bull terrier, Willie). One of the members told me about Asia, a young female bullie who had recently arrived from down south and was up for adoption.

We had been looking for a dog for quite awhile, since we had an only child, an 8-year-old autistic boy named Spencer. When Asia came to visit our home, Spencer was enchanted—he said, "dog!" and "woof! woof!" and petted her with a smile, so we knew it was a good match.

She has completed our family and has brought that healing, unconditional love that has made all the difference to Spencer—and to Asia too—she gets to sleep on our king-sized bed every night, enjoys walks on the beautiful Reston trails, and has made friends with other rescue dogs in the neighborhood. We are so blessed to have her.