Wildthings Too Much For Riverside Gardens

Wildthings Too Much For Riverside Gardens

The Langley Wildthings were back on top this week with a big win over Riverside Gardens. The final score was 255 to 165.

Double First-place ribbons went to:

  • Luke Watson for Boys 8 & Under 25 M Freestyle and Butterfly
  • Maria Grazia Favro for Girls 8 & Under 25M Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Vincent Watson for Boys 9-10 50 M Freestyle and 25M Butterfly
  • Audrey Wallach for Girls 9-10 50 M Freestyle and Breaststroke
  • Maggie Bellaschi for Girls 11-12 50 M Freestyle and Butterfly
  • Jinwon Bailar for Boys 13-14 50 M Freestyle and Breaststroke
  • Emily Wallach for Girls 13-1450 M Freestyle and Breaststroke
  • Schuyler Bailar for Girls 50 M Breaststroke and Butterfly

Individual race winners were:

Campbell Collins, Girls 8&Under 25M Freestyle; Peter Kaldes, Boys 8&Under 25 M Backstroke; Anna Derringer, Girls 8&Under 25 M Backstroke; Matthew Buchanan, Boys 9-10 50M Backstroke; Adair Sand, Girls 11-12 50 M Backstroke; Zach

Thompson, Boys 13-14 50M Backstroke; Kelly Crittenberg, Boys 8&Under 25 M Breaststroke; Ellie Ryan, Girls 11-12 50M Breaststroke; Jack Reilly, Boys 15&Up 50 M Breaststroke; Kate Williams, Girls 9-10 25 M Butterfly; Duncan Proxmire, Boys 13-14 50M Butterfly.

The Wildthings sealed the meet by winning nine of twelve relays.

Jack Reilly broke a Freestyle record that had stood for 42 years. Reilly swam the Boys 15-18 50M Freestyle in 25.49; the previous record of 25.60 was set in 1971 by Hess Yntema.

The Wildthings also took second place this week in Wednesday's NVSL Division 4 Relay Carnival. Three relay records were broken in that competition:

Peter Kaldes, Ryan Jones, Luke Watson and Collin Troy swan the Boys 8& Under 100 Medley Relay in 1:31:53, smashing the 2012 time of 1:40.62.

A record that stood from 1967 was finally bested by Zach Thompson, Jinwon Bailar, Duncan Proxmire and Zach Johnson, with a time of 2:11.28 in the Boys 200 Medley Relay.

The Girls 15-18 200 Free Relay team of Alexandra Cramer, Katie Robinson, Kat Owczarski and Schuyler Bailar set a new time to beat at 1:59.23.