Opinion: Ready for Your Pet’s Close-up?

Opinion: Ready for Your Pet’s Close-up?

The Pet Almanac, a bi-annual themed edition, will publish July 24.

— We invite you to send us stories about your pets, photos of you and/or your family with your cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, lizards, frogs, rabbits, or whatever other creatures share your home or yard with you.

Tell us the story of a special bond between a child and a dog, the story of how you came to adopt your pet, or examples of amazing feats of your creatures. Can your dog catch a Frisbee 10 feet in the air, or devour an entire pizza when you turn your back for less than a minute?

Do you volunteer at an animal shelter or therapeutic riding center or take your pet to visit people in a nursing home? Tell us about your experience.

You can also take this opportunity to memorialize a pet you have lost.

Send photos and identify everyone in the photo including the pets and tell us what is happening in the photo, and include your address (we will only print the town name).

Submissions should arrive by July 18.

Email editors@connectionnewspapers,com, or submit photos and stories directly on our website at www.connectionnewspapers.com/pets/.

Careful While Going Faster

If you have driven on the new 495 Express Lanes, you might wonder if the people who decided to raise the speed limit to 65 have driven on them. At the current prices, the Express Lanes are appealing whenever you really need to get somewhere and you have doubts about the flow of traffic.

But the first few times you drive on the Express Lanes, they are confusing. Which Tysons’ exit do I take for the Ritz Carlton? Will it be on the left or the right? When I get off, will I have to deal with a stop light, a stop sign or a merge? What on earth is the driver next to me doing?

The express lanes are not attracting as many drivers as predicted, so now there is the added incentive of being able to go faster in those lanes than on the rest of the Beltway where the speed limit is 55 even if there isn’t backed up traffic on the other lanes.