Letter to the Editor: Need Places To Swim

Letter to the Editor: Need Places To Swim

To the Editor:

I would like to second last week’s letter "Losing Pools" written by Bill Rivers. It is an unfortunate situation and even worse than he stated. He mentioned Chinquapin and Old Town would be the only pools left, however Chinquapin Center, with the only indoor pool, is slated to close next week for an undisclosed period of time, 4-5 months while repairs are made to the circulation system. This decision was made before the city even got bids from contractors, which seems a bit backwards to me. Why they picked summer when the indoor pool water is the only relief from the heat, is a mystery. The outdoor pool water feels like a bathtub and may be OK for recreational swimmers, abut not anyone who wants exercise.

The city did a report with outside contractors last winter, (who knows how much we spent on that?) it found that Alexandria was way below aquatic facilities of cities of the same size. No surprise there!

Chinquapin Pool is used heavily by summer camp, senior exercise programs, swim team practice, Masters, baby classes, etc. I have been swimming there since the day it opened and now will have to travel and pay more for a pool in Fairfax or Arlington. I say to our city manager, mayor, and City Council, give the people that are filling up all the building you are endorsing a place to swim when we are not sitting in the traffic you have added in Alexandria.

Carol Siegel