Letters to the Editor: Park Entrance

Letters to the Editor: Park Entrance

To the Editor:

Fido’s joyous romp in West Grove Park’s new unleashed dog area might easily become a tragic auto accident. [“Barking Up The Right Tree,” May 2.] A crucial stipulation of a Fairfax County police officer’s park traffic hearing testimony could prevent that, however: Because Fort Hunt Road’s immediate north and southbound approaches to the park are the center section of a blind S curve, the officer stipulated only entry and exit right turns be permitted. No left turns into or out of the park should be allowed.

Earlier this week we frightfully experienced the officer’s prophesies: Southbound at speed limit we rounded the first blind curve. Suddenly a stopped car, waiting to turn left across the two-lane road’s oncoming northbound traffic into the park loomed. Slamming on brakes, we came very close to crashing into it. Following cars also struggled to stop, a multi-car accident barely avoided.

The officer was ever-so-prescient. Early on, the traffic physics he predicted came to pass. Right Turn Only signs should be immediately posted on the park’s north and southbound approaches. A No Left Turn sign for the southbound lane should also be placed across from the park entrance.

Further, such are the curves’ nature, topography, and central connection, even a facilitating entry left-hand turn lane would pose dangerous hazards both entering and exiting Fido’s increasingly popular West Grove Park.

Rocky and Julie Curtis