Tara Sankner: Princess for an Evening

Tara Sankner: Princess for an Evening


Photo Courtesy of Joni Blue

Tara gives a princess wave from her carriage ride with Tattoo Tom Mitchell.

Tara Sankner, 8, a second-grader at Lees Corner Elementary, is battling brain cancer. But for awhile last week, she got to feel like a princess. Family and friends — especially Tattoo Tom Mitchell of StillBrave Childhood Cancer Foundation — staged a flash mob for her.

On Thursday, May 2, Tara and a friend had a manicure and pedicure at Divine Nails in Fair Ridge. Next evening, Tara’s mom Tammy hosted a surprise tea party for her and some friends. Then Mitchell, dressed as Prince Charming, went to Tara’s house, put a glass slipper on her foot and took her for a carriage ride in Chantilly, while about 1,000 people lined the streets, cheered and waved signs of encouragement.


Photo Courtesy of Melissa Ahn

Princess Tara and friends before the carriage ride.

“I was shocked beyond all belief with the turnout,” said Tammy Sankner. “The show of support for Tara was unreal. This could not have happened without StillBrave and Tattoo Tom.”

Tara said all the attention embarrassed her, but she liked “seeing all the people and their signs. I felt happy that they did this for me and cared about me.”