Letter to the Editor: What Would Jesus Do?

Letter to the Editor: What Would Jesus Do?

To the Editor:

Regarding Bishop Loverde’s remarks on gay youth in the Boy Scouts of America:

As a Catholic, I am offended and deeply disappointed in the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington County, Bishop Paul Loverde’s statement that the Boy Scouts of America's vote would force the diocese to reconsider sponsoring troops in about 50 of its parishes.

The decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly gay youth to participate is in direct line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Bishop Loverde's statement is made out of fear and ignorance and should not be tolerated. I hope and pray the Bishop will reconsider and continue to support Boy Scouts of America.

Patrick A. Hope

The writer is a member of the Virginia General Assembly as the delegate from the 47th District representing part of Arlington County