Jungmin Park and Ajay Leister at GRACE

Jungmin Park and Ajay Leister at GRACE

Opening reception is Thursday, Nov. 21.


"The Rest Area," by Jungmin Park, 2007.

Two area artists, Jungmin Park and Ajay Leister, have work on exhibit at the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) from Monday, Nov. 18 through the New Year.

Their work ranges from sculptural installations to large multi-dimensional paintings. The works share a concern for meticulous craftsmanship revealing the hand of the artists, who both combine disparate materials in inventive arrangements.

Jungmin Park’s fluid, mixed-media compositions are rooted in her memories and emotional interpretations of physical places. Park encapsulates time and place in a highly expressive, colorful amalgam of shifting geometric forms and changing perspectives, acknowledging the non-linear quality of memory itself. Park’s works, which are often sculptural and organic in appearance, incorporate painting along with needlework, textiles and collage. In her most recent work, Park incorporates voids, cultivating negative space as an active element in her carefully balanced compositions.


"Sentinel and Sprout," Ajay Leister, 2010.

Ajay Leister also interprets form in an expressive manner, creating highly abstract sculptural installations made from an amalgam of crocheted yarn, fiber, wood and spray-foam. Leister’s works possess an element of fantasy, abstractly evoking marine creatures or swarms of insects, thereby taking on a life of their own. The artist’s experimental use of spray-foam, combined with the traditional craft of crochet, results in highly original installations that defy easy categorization.

A gallery talk will kick off the reception and give guests a chance to hear from the artists.

GRACE is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., and is free and open to the public. The arts center is at 12001 Market St., Suite 103, Reston. Call 703-471-9242 or go to www.restonarts.org.