A Tireless Advocate

A Tireless Advocate

To the Editor:

It is nearing that time again, to choose our elected representative for delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates, and I want to tell you why I think we should continue to support our current delegate, Barbara Comstock.

She has been a highly dedicated advocate on a host of issues of importance to the residents of Northern Virginia, and to name only a few of them: increased State support for more of our high school graduates going to in-state colleges and universities such as UVA; helping the Great Falls community achieve protection of Georgetown Pike during negotiations with the Virginia Department of Transportation; and promoting legislation to help those in the military service achieve their goal of a college degree, and promoting more charter schools in Virginia.

Barbara is in Great Falls very often and demonstrates her dedication, and while here in our town, Barbara actively listens to the issues raised by her constituency, and then takes them on during legislative sessions in Richmond.

For example, Barbara introduced the legislation that was passed and signed this year, that promotes improved testing and diagnosis for Lyme Disease, and she was recognized for this by local advocates and the National Lyme Disease Association.

She seeks to engage people of all ages, for example, she created a Young Women’s Leadership Program, exposing bright young people to today’s issues of importance such as combating human trafficking and promoting adoption of homeless children. In this way, Barbara helps prepare them to address the issues of today and to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Barbara tirelessly advocates for a better business climate in the State, especially to support small businesses, the main job creators. Barbara has been effective, especially in sponsoring legislation that promotes high tech small businesses such as her bill to promote data centers in Northern Virginia, as well as companies on the forefront of developing cyber-security technology. Numerous business organizations have endorsed her candidacy, including the Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business and Virginia Association of Realtors.

She is also an advocate of efficient government and saving taxpayer dollars. Barbara wrote the law for competitive bidding that saved nearly $400 million for construction on the Dulles Rail and she also defends Virginia as a right–to-work State.

There are many more examples of Barbara’s highly principled leadership and representation of which others are probably aware, but from my perspective, Barbara Comstock is clearly the delegate we should all vote for in the November election.

Glen Sjoblom

Great Falls