Claims vs. Facts

Claims vs. Facts

To the Editor:

At a recent elementary school’s Back to School Night, a friend was handed materials from supporters of Barbara Comstock, the Delegate for the 34th Virginia House District. I expect that a candidate would paint him or herself in the most favorable light, and that campaign materials should be read with a certain degree of skepticism. However, a little research in the public record shows a tremendous discrepancy between the way Ms. Comstock portrays herself and the reality of how she has voted.

*Claim: Comstock claims to support education and takes credit for helping to restore $120 million in cuts to Virginia schools. Fact: in 2010, Comstock voted in favor of a House Budget Bill (HB30) that cut education by $620 million.

*Claim: Comstock claims she “fought to fund” 1,700 additional in-state slots in Virginia universities. Fact: she voted against the budget (HB1500) that provided that very funding.

Claim: Comstock claims to have worked to get bonuses for our teachers. Fact: again, in her vote against the budget bill (HB1500), she failed to support the funding that would provide those raises.

*Claim: Comstock has repeatedly stated that transportation is one of her priorities, and points to her 2011 vote in favor of Governor McDonnell’s transportation package. Fact: The 2011 transportation package commits the Commonwealth of Virginia to $4 billion in debt. Comstock voted against the 2013 bi-partisan transportation bill that is funneling millions of dollars into her district.

*Claim: in an article in the Loudon Times, Comstock claims that she has “given no indication” that she supports the Bi-County Parkway. Fact: in 2010, she voted in favor of HB277, which would have begun the process of developing just such a roadway (then called the Washington Bypass).

I know that campaign materials need to be read with a certain degree of skepticism, but as Ms. Comstock’s mentor, Congressman Frank Wolf, is fond of saying, “Facts are stubborn things.” The “stubborn facts” show that she is suffering from a major credibility gap and we as her constituents have every right to call her on it. I urge voters to become educated on the reality of Barbara Comstock’s voting record. Look behind the curtain and see if you agree with the reality before you accept any more campaign promises.

Haida McGovern

Great Falls