Letter: Disruptive and Disrespectful

Letter: Disruptive and Disrespectful

To the Editor:

Democratic candidate Kathleen Murphy and the gun control groups

she is working with were so disrespectful to the Great Falls Citizens

Association debate that instead of trusting our citizens to ask

questions about this issue, they “demanded” that all of their questions

be answered and organized a disruptive demonstration before and

during the debate in order to bully and threaten GFCA and attendees

if their questions weren’t answered. As a result the debate between

Delegate Comstock and Murphy had to be rescheduled.

So let’s take one of their major issues on Ms. Murphy and the

anti-gun groups attack Delegate Comstock on: Concealed Carry

Legislation. Most people don’t realize that concealed carry is the law

in 43 states.

Concealed-carry permit-holders must go through a background

check—something these gun control groups claim they want more

of—before they receive a court approved permit. Democrats and

Republicans alike have supported this common sense legislation. Our

Senator Mark Warner and former Senator Jim Webb (both NRA “A”

rated Members of the Senate) not only supported concealed carry

legislation but they supported expanding the law so that Virginia

permit holders could use their permits in other states. (And for the

record, when Mark Warner was governor, he signed every single

piece of pro-gun legislation that hit his desk).

Locally, Democratic state Sen. Chap Petersen long has been a

supporter of the concealed carry law and even voted to override Gov.

Kaine’s veto of the bill back in 2009. Del. Keam also voted in favor of

what Kathleen Murphy and her supporters derisively describe as the

“guns in bars” bill. Add Democratic Caucus Chair Mark Sickles and

Del. David Bulova to those who support the concealed carry law. If

you check out Ms. Murphy’s website you will see that she supports all of these

Democrats and has had them at her fundraisers. Has she

“demanded” that they change their position on concealed carry?

Has she rejected their financial support and help? Did these gun

groups protest and demonstrate her fundraiser with Mark Warner, a

concealed carry supporter?

I think we all know the answers here. This is the political, silly

season where hypocrisy runs rampant and Ms. Murphy’s campaign

of deception and misinformation has resulted in no case for her

candidacy on this or other issues.

Barbara Gloeckner,

Great Falls