Letter: The Right Decision

Letter: The Right Decision

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that the Great Falls Citizens Association was forced

to postpone the scheduled Wednesday, Oct. 8 debate between

incumbent Delegate Barbara Comstock and challenger Kathleen

Murphy. But, it was the appropriate call in keeping with the civilized

debate process the GFCA has always followed.

At the last minute it was learned that four gun control groups had an

“October surprise” for our community and planned to demonstrate

both “before and during” the debate and essentially planned on

hijacking our local community effort. The GFCA ground rules

stipulated that each campaign was limited to three representatives

outside the Grange. Both campaigns had agreed to these rules, but

the large number of demonstrators obviously did not think they had to

abide by any rules of our community. The gun control demonstrators

from out of the area also happen to be working closely with the

Murphy campaign, who apparently also have little regard for our

Great Falls practices.

I appreciate that the GFCA made the right decision for Great Falls

to postpone the debate for safety reasons. The Great Falls Citizens

Association has prided itself on civilized debates and they are right

not to let their event be hijacked by single-issue groups.

Tim Christy,

Great Falls