Stark Contrast in 34th District

Stark Contrast in 34th District

To the Editor:

I do not often write letters to the editor, but felt compelled to now. I have been active in this community for over 35 years as the Dranesville School Board member, Dranesville supervisor, chairman of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, and many other business, school and philanthropic activities. I have known many people who worked hard to make this community better. I have personally known almost all of the people who have run for local and state office from our community over the last 30 years, no matter the party. The contrast in this year's election for delegate in the 34th District could not be more stark.

Delegate Barbara Comstock has been active in many organizations and has worked to make our community better for over 25 years. That is why she has gained strong endorsements from every major job-creating business group as well as the Humane Dominion (protecting animals) and the Virginia Police Benevolent Association.

I first got to know Barbara when she was working tirelessly for our district as a senior aide to Rep. Frank Wolf. She served on my Education Advisory Committee and has been a great advocate for our schools, where her husband Chip has served for 30 years. Since Barbara was elected delegate, I have not been to many meetings or events, small or large, where she is not present and offering her assistance. Barbara has been there whenever a constituent or community group has asked for her help. She has been a tireless worker for all of us, whether it be working with citizens groups to change the state-proposed Georgetown Pike-Rt. 7 intersection or passing legislation to protect us all from the Lyme disease threat, or getting Dominion Power working for us after the derecho last year.

Barbara worked hard to pass legislation that she wrote and sponsored—with bipartisan support—that will save the taxpayers and commuters over $400 million on Phase 2 of the Dulles Rail Project. I have personally seen her successfully go to bat for individuals and community organizations who felt the state had not dealt with them properly.

By contrast, her opponent has offered no reason why we should elect her, other than endless attacks on Barbara, most of which are not accurate. I have never seen Kathleen Murphy active in any activity in this community. (Note: the candidate Kathleen Murphy is from McLean and is not the Kathleen Murphy of Great Falls who is active in our historical community.) In fact, I never heard of her until she announced she was running this year. We have a choice between Barbara, who has tirelessly dedicated her life to making this community a better place to live and work in, and has strongly delivered for our district; and Murphy, who has no experience improving this community and according to public records didn’t even vote in the last two delegate elections.

I hope all voters will join me in voting for Barbara Comstock to continue serving as our delegate. I have known many delegates over the years and none has been more dedicated to serving their constituents, listening to their concer and achieving positive results for all of their constituents.

Stu Mendelsohn

Great Falls