Brief: Board Promotes Public Safety Communications in Construction

Brief: Board Promotes Public Safety Communications in Construction

The County Board unanimously adopted a resolution on Oct. 22 to advance new public safety technology in construction within Arlington County. In recent years, new construction materials have degraded the ability of public safety personnel to communicate with radios within buildings.

The county is installing a new system (in-building wireless staff has worked with developers to draft a performance-based technology) in new and renovated county construction, including the recently-completed Arlington Mill Community Center. Arlington standard for all new construction.

The state of Virginia has chosen not to adopt standards within the Code that would enable emergency responders to communicate within buildings.

The problem of spotty communications affects many jurisdictions, including those with and without tall buildings. While the resolution is not binding, county officials hope that developers and builders will understand the benefits of in-building wireless to improving safety in their buildings and will install the new technology.