Cooper Journalists Meet Sports Columnist

Cooper Journalists Meet Sports Columnist

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Sports columnist Christine Brennan addresses Cooper Middle School students (top) and poses for picture with them (bottom).

On Friday, Oct. 18, Cooper journalists met with award-winning USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan. She talked to the journalists about the path that lead her to becoming a ground-breaking female sports writer. She shared her thoughts on various sports scandals, her opinion on Washington’s football team name, and her anticipations for the upcoming Winter Olympics, which she will be covering.

Here is what some of the Cooper students said about the presentation.

Rana Azad: “What Ms. Brennan said really inspired me to one day succeed in my dream of becoming a famous basketball player.”

Lauren Markwart: “Ms. Brennan taught me that even though some people think girls can’t do certain things in society, they can.”

Melanie Shaffer: “Ms. Brennan taught me even if people are turning you down, you should still follow your dreams.”

Katherine Snare: “I thought it was a really cool experience to meet Ms. Brennan because of how successful she is and how passionate she is about her job.”

Molly Maher: “I thought it was really fun to meet Ms. Brennan, because not only is she a journalist, which is what I want to be when I grow up, but she has done so many cool things, like covering different Olympics.”