The Issues Are Power and Politics

The Issues Are Power and Politics

To the Editor:

In response to my friend John Lovaas’ opinion piece "Draft Plan Jeopardizes Urban Reston" [Reston Connection, Oct. 23-29, 2013], the real issues are power and politics. The community groups have no real approval power and the Fairfax County Board can completely ignore any and all concerns. This lack of power is directly related to politics because that is the only way to exert any power over the master plans and the serious concerns John expresses, and I agree with (except for his use of the word "urban" since I did not move to Reston 42 years ago to be in an urban setting.)

So, unless and until we are all ready to make these issues our only concern when voting for all of local elected officials- Hudgins, Plum, and Howell—we will have no power. We should disregard social, budget and other issues and become single-issue voters. Otherwise we are talking into the wind.

Bruce Kirschenbaum