Supporting Boysko

Supporting Boysko

To the Editor:

It is time to take back Virginia from the Republican extremists in the House of Delegates. One way we can do that is to vote for Jennifer Boysko for House of Delegates in the 86th District.

We can no longer tolerate a General Assembly that is anti-woman, anti-environment, anti-gay, anti-business and continues to embarrass the state with its backward policies.

Our current Delegate—Tom Rust (R)—votes with the Virginia Republican leadership 97 percent of the time and has done so for several years. We can no longer tolerate leaders who back extreme, unfriendly polices, that will discourage economic development and do further harm to the environment.

Jennifer Boysko is a hard-working experienced leader who will represent our 86th district as the moderate district that it is, and who will have the courage to stand up against extreme polices.

Please vote for Jennifer Boysko for the Virginia House of Delegates 86th District seat on Nov. 5.

Nancy Myers