A Test of Leadership

A Test of Leadership

To the Editor:

I attended a debate On Tuesday, Oct. 22, between Barbara Comstock and Kathleen Murphy, candidates for State Delegate for the 34th District. After all the nasty flyers I've been receiving, it was good to hear the candidates respond to each other face to face and debunk some false claims. But more striking than the answers was the conduct of the audience. Most of the hundreds of attendees were polite and respectful. But five or six Murphy supporters were scattered throughout the audience hissing, jeering and laughing every time Ms. Comstock spoke. Although Kathleen Murphy refused to ask her own supporters to behave, Ms. Comstock, the moderator, the host and the ushers eventually were able to silence them.

Only Ms. Murphy remained silent on the issue. Perhaps she'll show more leadership if faced with a civic challenge like this in future debates.

Jon Pelson

Great Falls