Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

McDonnell Deserves Thanks, Not Scorn

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter because it seems to me that Gov. Bob McDonnell has not been treated fairly. He has taken some hits from the press and political opponents and has begun the process of restoring the faith of the people of the Commonwealth. As I understand (and has not been widely reported) he has repaid all the loans with interest and returned all the gifts. His daughters have returned their wedding gifts and the Governor has announced he is working with his lawyers to return all the gifts his wife received from Jonnie Williams.

The Governor’s achievements seem to have been lost in the midst of all these reports. Recently, he has visited Virginia troops in Afghanistan, held two-hour radio interviews and met with reporters outside the statehouse. He has come clean and its time reporters do the same and report his good faith efforts.

When Bob took over Virginia unemployment was over 7 percent and we had a huge budget deficit. Four years later, unemployment is down to 5 percent and he has had four years of consecutive surpluses. He even took hits from his own party for working with the legislature to address Virginia roads. Bob deserves our thanks, not our scorn.

David Nygaard