Update on Tree Lighting Fund

Update on Tree Lighting Fund

Letter to the Editor

— To the Editor:

I am very pleased to announce that the tree lights on King street will remain on this next coming spring as we are matching the contingency Council, led by Del Pepper, set aside to use for this purpose. They set aside $13,500. We have to match one half of that by early in March 2014 to keep the lights on through June 2014. That is only $6,750.

I have pledged that I will help raise that money and we have come up with several ways to do it. The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce has agreed to keep the money in their foundation C3 fund. Old Town Business and Professional Association has endorsed this campaign. All of the city is hoping that we can do this.

I do have several deposits in the bank already from the following individuals and businesses: from Frank Fannon, George Seghers from The Masonic Memorial, Ann Dorman with First Night, Andrew Palmerie, Lynn Hampton, Franco Landini with Landini Brothers Restaurant and Fish Market, The Enchanted Florest, Walker Real Estate, Hard Times Cafe, The Creamery, David Baker, Joan Renner, Maginniss& DelNinni Architects, and Don Simpson. John Porter with ACT for Alexandria, and citizens: Phil Hollywood, Randall Larrimore, Helen Sullivan-Kumar, Phillip Hollywood, and Lana Slack.

This comes to $3,775 now collected. It is more than half of the $6,750.

Please join these concerned citizens; we're all in this together. Make your check out to The Alexandria Chamber Foundation Inc. and mark it for the "Spring tree lights 2014." I will keep track of all the money as it comes in so I can make a public statement , available through The Alexandria Gazette, as they have agreed to do so for this fund drive. This is tax deductible.

Send your checks to me C/O Gold Works Inc., 1400 King Street, Alexandria VA 22314 please, and I will see that they are deposited with the Chamber immediately. As this money is raised we will assure that the lights will be on next year for the spring at least through June 2014. Let us add your name to this growing list.

David Martin

Gold Works Inc.