Viewpoints: What are you looking forward to the most this school year?

Lily Karp, sixth grade, Louise Archer ES

“Going on a camping trip for four days. Camp High Roads. I’m excited to see my friends.”

Kyle Karp, junior, James Madison HS

“I’m looking forward to sports, football, basketball … looking forward to that. Also the challenge of new classes this year because junior year is typically the most difficult. I’m starting to look at colleges this year.”

Emily Burke, junior, James Madison HS

“Looking forward to football games, as a spectator. Also, looking forward to being part of SGA this year. I’m an SAC [Student Advisory Council] officer.”

Ella Karp, fourth grader, Louise Archer ES

“I’m looking forward to county basketball, it’s a traveling team. And also looking forward to my trip to Jamestown. It’s a field trip.”

Siri Dusanapudi, first grade, Westbriar ES

“Making new friends and having fun.”

Zoe Mazur, second grade, Vienna; Bailey’s Elementary School

“My birthday. Writing stories.”