Starshine Theater to Host “How to Audition” Event

Starshine Theater to Host “How to Audition” Event

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, 4:30-6:30 p.m. the Starshine Theater will host a free event: "How to audition for a show—TV ‘Talent’ or ‘Live Stage,’” for ages 3 through adults. Those younger than 18 should attend with a parent. Duets, groups welcome.

Instructor is Pat Green Budwig, M.A., creative director, Starshine Theater. The event will be held at Great Falls Library, Main Meeting Room, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls. (Schedule your 3-minute slot.)

You may attend as an “Observer” only, but you still need to register.

This event will give performers of all skill levels a chance to present their act and receive a friendly yet professional critique of their work. TV talent shows as well as live stage shows often set a 3-minute limit on your audition (even via U-Tube), so plan this one accordingly.

Prop use is fine, but you'll only have 5 minutes to set them up and take them down. No props that use fire, blades, weapons, liquids, safety nets, etc., are allowed.

All acts must be "G" rated and may be stopped at any time for safety reasons.

CD player/audio will be provided if you need accompaniment for your act.

If you are playing piano, bring an easily portable one.

Mrs. Budwig can accompany you on her guitar if you bring the sheet music. Advance reservations are required for this free event. Contact Pat Green Budwig, M.A. 703-790-9050 or email