Letter: Improving Children’s Education

Letter: Improving Children’s Education

To the Editor:

The CLIPUS Foundation is an organization that focuses on school supplies as a gateway to improving children’s education. Our members and volunteers share this same passion for children’s education and together we push forward, coming up with unique ways to raise money and ultimately providing supplies to children in need. With our main program designed to collect used toners from companies, schools, and individuals, we help spread environmental awareness while receiving the funds needed to buy the school supplies.

Since the founding of CLIPUS in 2013, we have purchased 100 backpacks filled with notebooks, pencils and pens, markers, glue sticks, pencil cases, and more, totaling to more than $2000. Each backpack is designed to last one school year for an elementary school student. On March 25, this past Tuesday, five members (Grace Huang, Jessica Lee, Stephanie Michas, Mallika Subandh, Virginia Zhang) and I filled two cars with nine boxes of backpacks and headed to Cannon Road Elementary School, Silver Spring, Md., for our first school supplies distribution event. We braved the snow and rain and succeeded in giving around 80 backpacks to the students and families. Our members put so much effort into organizing this event, from contacting schools to packing the backpacks, and the smiles of the children were extremely rewarding. The distribution, lasting two hours, was a great success due to the joint efforts of the CLIPUS members, Cannon ES, and all of our wonderful supporters.

Looking into the future, we hope to distribute many more backpacks and supplies during a large-scale Back-to-School event this coming fall. We are also currently planning a summer Fun Run to garner more funds. In the meantime, we are continuing to collect toners from all places and strengthening our existing partnerships.

For more information, visit www.clipusfoundation.org

Or contact Katharine Jiang at katharine.jiang@clipusfoundation.org

Katharine Jiang

The Madeira School